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Dish End Machine

Vessel dished ends are mostly used in storage or pressure vessels in industry. These ends, which in upright vessels are the bottom and the top, use less space than a hemisphere (which is the ideal form for pressure containments) while requiring only a slightly thicker wall.
The manufacturing of such an end is easier than that of a hemisphere. The starting material is first pressed to a radius r1 and then curled at the edge creating the second radius r2. Vessel dished ends can also be welded together from smaller pieces.
Dish ends are part of a pressure vessel which are used to close off the ends of the vessel shell. Pavan Fabrication manufactures the dish ends for its own use as well as for external customers. Due to the growing demand for dish ends, the company has invested in high-end machines and currently manufactures dish ends for the global market as well.

In the field of dished heads for pressure vessels and tanks, Pavan Fabrication has the most complete size rangecapability (in terms of diameter thickness) in the country.
Pavan Fabricaton's capabilities, with a wide variety of materials specifications, is unmatched. We offer head materials specifications such as carbon steel low alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and clad steel.